“Energy” – Jay Bird featuring Jessica Chertock

A commonality in EDM that manages to ride the line between the club and mainstream is adding a vocalist that takes the song to new heights. We’ve seen it with David Guetta and Sia, Zedd and Hayley Williams, and now once more with Jay Bird and Jessica Chertock. With top-notch production skills and a vocalist who has already proven to be a powerhouse all on her own – “Energy” was a match made in perfection.

It takes no more than a couple of seconds before Jessica Chertock’s vocals come through and captivate instantaneously. Her natural abilities are only highlighted with the aid of the musical soundscape brought to life by Jay Bird. It’s too easy to say this song does revolve around energy, but it does. Jessica’s range keeps up on Jay Bird’s musical pop playground, but when she hits the standout note and is quickly followed by that bass, that’s the audible money shot that keeps this song rooted in its EDM foundation. 

Jay Bird had been working for some time in the folk realm with The Jay Birds, but as many artists’ stories go – it was time for a change. So he turned his attention towards the electronic scene to see what he could do in a new arena. With “Energy,” he’s proven this was the right route to travel, especially with “Scatman” singer Jessica Chertock by his side. 

Those interested in checking out a lively electronic track that doesn’t shy away from the pop elements can check out “Energy” by Jay Bird featuring Jessica Chertock, available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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