“Cast the Bronze” – Raynes

It’s often the songs of rebellion that wind up being an artist’s biggest. Just look at Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song.” Her response to her label requesting a romantic gesture in the form of a song. Now I’d like to point your attention at a track that could very well be as big as Bareilles’ and that is “Cast the Bronze” by British-American trio, Raynes. 

When Raynes started to meet with industry types, there were enough saying this and that about the band’s image that led one of their own to be a bit peeved about it. Who wants to hear a laundry list of things they “need” to change about themselves in order to make music? Yeah, not many. However, not everyone would take those instances and pen a song with their bandmates over FaceTime. Which is exactly what Raynes did. Even with all the distance between them at the time, they channeled those early meetings into a song that’s a bit of a middle finger to the industry at hand. 


Funny enough, it’s not a punk song but has the essence of one as that rebellious spirit comes through in their modern folk lamentations. Ones that shine a light on many of the ways industry people will try and mold artists into commodities placing them in the same tired, overused molds. “Cast the Bronze,” is an anthem not just for artists who just want to create music without being placed in a box, but also anyone out there who wants to break free of what society has expected of them. 


Those who want to sing this song of rebellion loud and proud can check out Reynes’ “Cast the Bronze” now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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