DJ Shaan Featuring Londin Thompson – “By Heart”

DJ Shaan’s new single “By Heart” featuring Londin Thompson is an optimistic, danceworthy song that I can only describe as candy for your ears. DJ Shaan’s immaculate production paired with Londin Thompson’s flawless, emotional vocals make this a match made in dance pop heaven.

“By Heart” starts with a captivating intro that weaves bright tones with rhythmic vocals as it slowly builds into the verse. When Thompson begins singing, you are instantly drawn in by her unique, textured voice that is overflowing with understated emotion. The instrumental orchestration of the song is constantly changing; it perfectly builds and accents the lyrical melody while creating depth and offering surprises along the way. Just before the chorus, the instrumentation pulls back to reveal a raw piano accompaniment before launching into a powerful chorus complete with echoing vocals and driving synths. You’ll feel bumps on your arms as Thompson sings “Even in the dark I know you by heart”. 

Hailed as “one of the biggest producers in India” by YourEDM, DJ Shaan has been making himself known worldwide for the last decade. The 25-year-old artist and producer reached out to Cleveland, Ohio-based singer and songwriter Londin Thompson for this track, creating a dynamic pairing that we can only hope will reconnect in the future. This track melds innovative dance beats, heartfelt lyrics, and stellar vocals to create a song that you’ll want to know by heart. 

Written by Katrina Charles

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