“Don’t Break My Heart” – The Thing With Feathers

We don’t get them as often as we used to but “Don’t Break My Heart” by The Thing With Feathers reminds me of those killer teen movie intros from the 2000s. The kind that’d hype up a crowd before they even knew the plot. All they had was the mood of a song and the lead actor to go by and that was enough. And while this song is not from the latest hit movie – yet – it does deal with romance and all the highs and lows that come encased in such a thing. 

Right away the intro gives goosebumps as you’re ushered into a world of sound that gives off arena rock vibes. Then in comes, the indie pop delights smothered in lyrics that are as sweet as they are sour. On one hand, the narrative is delivering someone who wants love but isn’t quite going about it the right way. It’s kind of that, better together in a bad way than alone in a good way sort of vibe. Despite the lyrics telling one tale, the music delivers this upbeat, indie rock that fans of The 1975 and The Neighbourhood can appreciate. 

It hasn’t taken too long for The Thing With Feathers to make themselves a notable presence in music. They’ve garnered attention from MTV, played SXSW, and found themselves entertaining throughout the US on tour. The Nashville-based band dropped ‘Sundays in the South’ in early 2022, and is already following that up with the intoxicating “Don’t Break My Heart.” To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out The Thing With Feathers on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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