“ARMA-GET-IT-ON” – Two Year Vacation

Being someone who grew up on the pop of the late ‘90s, I know all too well the mastermind that is Max Martin. A Swedish songwriter who’s played a part in some of the biggest hits – ever. Since then I’ve always just assumed there was something in the water in Sweden, and have often been proven right. Today is just another notch in that truth pole as Two Year Vacation comes in hot, hot, hot with their indie pop delight, “ARMA-GET-IT-ON.” 

At the press of play, you’re instantly swept away by a contagious charm. It’s one of those arrangements you can’t help but smile and move a bit back and forth too. Reminiscent of what we got from the likes of The Vampire Weekend back in the day, but with a delivery that doesn’t come too hard. Two Year Vacation isn’t about smacking you in the face with “ARMA-GET-IT-ON.” Instead, they invite you in and seem to want nothing more than to dance along with you from start to finish in a song that feels tailor-made for the end of summer. 

“ARMA-GET-IT-ON” is just another reason Swedish songwriters consistently prove to be the best out there. It’s also the first single since the band dropped their 2022 EP, ‘High Hopes / Low Expectations.’ A record they lost all contact with the outside world to record when they ventured into the depths of the woods to create. To hear that, as well as their latest single, “ARMA-GET-IT-ON,” make sure to check out Two Year Vacation on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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