“Bright” – Life of a Busker

For as long as there have been people with musical abilities, there seems to have been some form of busking AKA street performing. If you’ve been to any major city, you’ve seen an array of performers from dancers to magicians to the obvious singers and songwriters doing what they do best with some sort of container collecting monetary interest from passersbys. We’ve seen some of them go on to be on the likes of ‘American Idol,’ while others like Justin Bieber have gone from street corners to YouTube to stages around the world. As for Life of a Busker, their name says a lot but their music shines a light on their extreme abilities, especially their debut single, “Bright.” 

“Bright” lays the ultimate groundwork for what’s to come from Life of a Busker. It’s biographical in the way that it tells their story of finding an unimaginable connection that’s their, well, bright spot in life. That is because that’s what happened for the singer-songwriters that came together in song and wound up forming a relationship along the way. While “Bright” is a personal homage to their tale this far, it’s also one of those love songs that will definitely strike a chord with the romantics out there. I’d even go as far as to say we could be witnessing the release of a future must-have wedding playlist songs. 

Life of a Busker is composed of two Danish musicians who wanted to share their talents with the world in one of the oldest ways; street performing. Since coming together they’ve traveled the world and experienced the highs and lows of utilizing the world’s sidewalks as their stage. “Bright” is just the beginning and soon enough they’ll release the follow-up, “A Place To Call Home.” To hear “Bright ” and to keep an eye out for more, make sure to check out Life of a Busker out not on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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