“Don’t Ask Me to Change” – Sophie and the Giants

Sophie and the Giant’s latest single “Don’t Ask Me to Change” is a defiant, upbeat masterpiece that is a testament to modern love and maintaining your identity. With intoxicating synth instrumentation, infectious beats, and Sophie’s dynamic and versatile voice, “Don’t Ask Me to Change” is the confident love anthem we’ve been waiting for.

A glowing buildup launches abruptly into the tune’s deep, driving beat. Sophie’s voice is clear and conversational with a lush richness as she lays out honest, no-frills relationship requests that denounce tricks and games. The pre-chorus builds with an airy melody full of anticipation before releasing into the captivating, catchy chorus. Sophie sings “I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I hope that you stay” with a voice that is full of emotive and harmonic range.

Based in the United Kingdom, Sophie and the Giants’ fame has grown during the lockdown with the success of their previous release “Hypnotized”, a collaboration with Purple Disco Machine that amassed over 200 million streams. With their star on the rise, the band is keeping the momentum going with this new single. “Don’t Ask Me to Change” is a fresh, optimistic tune that showcases Sophie and the Giant’s incredibly engaging production, modern and confident perspective, and combined instrumental and vocal talents. After listening to this track, you’ll hope Sophie and the Giant’s never change.

Written by Katrina Charles

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