“Hollow” – Keenan Porter

Keenan Porter has just released his debut single “Hollow”, a heartfelt track that takes you on a journey through heartbreak. Featuring versatile instrumentation, honest narrative lyrics, and intensely dynamic production, “Hollow” is a song that acknowledges both the heartache and optimism associated with moving on from a relationship that wasn’t right.

Porter sets the pensive scene with an ambient piano intro allowing each note to ring in the spacious expanse. The singer’s voice enters over the chords with a light, rhythmic delivery that accentuates the texture of his emotive voice. A kickdrum beat enters at the pre-chorus adding intensity and depth to the song as the lyrical pace accelerates. The chorus explodes in an unexpected tornado of defined beats and swirling synths as the artist asks, “why does my heart feel hollow?”.

Drawing from a personal experience, Keenan Porter wrote “Hollow” for his mother as a way to help her find closure as she dealt with a divorce. Gifted as a Mother’s Day present, the singer admits that the song has really helped her as she heals. With its real and relatable lyrics, beautifully crafted instrumentation, and Porter’s own impressive and sincere performance, “Hollow” is a healing song that will help any broken heart find strength and hope in moving on.

Written by Katrina Charles

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