“Colorblind” – Mokita

It has been five years since Mokita dropped his debut single, “Dreamer,” and two years since one of his most honest and popular to date, “Colorblind.” While he has released a cascade of singles since then, including dynamic collaborations with Lost Frequencies and R3HAB, we wanted to shine a light on “Colorblind” once more because the message is one that people still need to hear. 

When “Colorblind” was first released, it was one young man’s tale of dealing with the realities that come with living alongside depression. Since then mental health struggles have reached an all-time high due to increased racial tensions, falsities spreading like wildfire, and an ongoing pandemic that has left many with a whirlwind inside their mind. “Colorblind” is a beautiful reminder that we are not alone in our struggles. We’re all confused by the chaos inside, and often feel like our world is in black and white while everyone else’s is a technicolor dreamscape. 

Again, “Colorblind” dropped two years ago but the message within it is as much a necessity today as it was then. So fans of well-made pop who have yet to discover it, or those who just want to listen to a song that understands where you are at mentally, can check that out. They can also check out all the music he has released since then including his latest singles, “Underwater,” “Reaction,” and “Would You Still Want Me?” All of Mokita’s music is available on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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