“Caught up in my feelings” – Jacqui Verellen

What shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘Living Single’ failed to teach us is that our 20s are not all about living with too many roommates and hooking up within our friend group. It is also about shedding off a layer of who we were as kids and stepping into a newfound sense of identity. Perhaps if another show like this comes along, the music supervisor will take note of “Caught up in my feelings” by Jacqui Verellen and use it wisely. 

Written and performed with the same heart and fervor we have heard in recent years from Grammy-winner Alessia Cara, Jacqui Verellen makes you feel every word from the moment she comes in. She doesn’t play around a lot with the lyricism, delivering it straight from the heart you get a reality-based song. One that serves as a sort of a musical mantra to get others stuck in similar situations as they continue to grasp onto the idea of growing older with each passing day, and what that entails on the inside. 

Jacqui Verellen has always come through with a strong grip on her vocal performance but you can hear the evolution of her style listening to her 2017 debut, “Home Is Home” compared to what she has done in recent years with “You Take care of Me” and “Caught up in my feelings.” To hear all of those and more from the Toronto-based singer, make sure to check Jacqui Verellen out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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