“Human Greatness 2.0” Dustin Paul x Nissim Black

Longtime fans of Dustin Paul may recall “Human Greatness” as he dropped the original back in 2020, but now the song has gone through an evolution process and emerged anew. With Nissim Black’s rap skills in tow, “Human Greatness 2.0” is serving up an elevated collaboration between striking hip-hop moments and satisfying indie-pop delights.

Whereas some duets such as this can feel a little uneven, like one person is just there to support a catchy chorus for Top 40 FM dials, Dustin Paul and Nissim Black feel evenly matched in this one. Those who enjoyed “Human Greatness” a couple of years ago are still getting the elements that made that song stand out then, but are going to enjoy memorizing the new layers that Nissim Black has added to this song of our endurances through life; both big and small. It’s very much reminiscent of what B.O.B. did with Hayley Williams some years ago, only – again – there is more of a balancing act done with “Human Greatness” that makes this more of a partnership than a feature moment. 

Dustin Paul is no stranger to working well with others. He dazzled alongside PYNNO on “Not The End” and with Ten Times on “Let You Go,” taking fans on more of an indie-pop meets electronica journey with both. The latter was his first single of 2022 with “Human Greatness 2.0” being his second. To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out Dustin Paul on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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