“don’t sleep, repeat” – 44phantom feat. Machine Gun Kelly

44phantom isn’t a name that’s all too familiar to the mainstream world, but only to those who went out to see Machine Gun Kelly’s Sellout Tour. 44phantom opened, so working alongside the rapper turned pop punk renaissance man is no surprise. Together they took MGK’s signature delivery and interlaced it with this astounding reverberance from 44phantom and together, made a song that is truly undeniable with “don’t sleep, repeat.” 

As someone who lives for a song that evokes movement, “don’t sleep, repeat” hits the spot. Not right away though. When the song started, it was sort of reminiscent of how screamo icons The Used kicked off their debut album back in 2001. Then when 44phantom comes through you get this explosion of this marriage of pop and hip hop that’s crossed into an alternative plain. Where that pop-punk layer comes through though is the witty wordplay that feels like it was picked up from a tattered composition book bogged down by angst. A lot of newer artists aren’t so tied down by sticking to one genre, and 44phantom is a prime example of that. With bits and pieces of a handful of styles, he’s made “don’t sleep, repeat” work for him, and audiences. 

44phantom has been working on making his stamp on music since 2019’s “Break Your Heart” dropped. Since then there has been an endless stream of singles, as well as his 2021 debut, ‘die sometime, it’s good for u.’ His last wave of new music came last year and “don’t sleep, repeat” marks the start of a new day as it’s his first single of the year. To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out 44phantom on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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