“Can We Be Friends?” – Carda x Alius

Not all your favorite songs are created overnight. “Can We Be Friends?” from Carda and Alius, featuring Maikki being one of them. The foundation for this well-done pop moment was laid down back in 2019 at a writing camp. At the start of 2021, Cards joined forces with Alius to finish things out. With two amazing songwriters and producers on board, Maikki’s vocals were the cherry on top. 

“Can We Be Friends?” reminds me of something Icona Pop would have released with its hype pop ways and the fact that it is impossible to remain still soon after the press of play. You also can’t help but sing along to the infectious chorus as well – even after just one listen. It is a magnetic song that will be a favorite on any mainstream radio station that takes it on as it really does not land here or there in terms of a definitive genre. Yes, it is pop but not the type of pop that draws a line in the sand when it comes to who is going to love it. This one is universal. 

Carda first worked alongside Alius several years ago on his debut single and notes how “Can We Be Friends?” is sort of his full-circle moment. Since initially working together, both have gone on to amass millions of streams. Together they have over 60 million combined. They’ll only add to that with the release of their latest single, which is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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