“Now That It’s Over” – Sianon

“Did I deserve the hell you put me through?” 

As tragic as this line from “Now That It’s Over” from Sianon is, it’s one that everyone has or will say in some way at least once in their lifetime because frankly, heartbreak is as ingrained in the human experience as breathing. A breakup song that demands the answers we all wish we could have gotten, and so deserved – this is Alanis’ ‘Jagged Little Pill’ meets Olivia Rodrigo. 

What stood out most about “Now That It’s Over” was that it wasn’t as somber as most songs in this category can be. It doesn’t pull on one’s heartstrings with elaborate vocal moments, but does so with blunt honesty delivered in a manner that showcases the person behind these words is sad, yes – but also hurt to the point that you find yourself as the listener wanting to find the person who broke their heart and demand answers on the singer’s behalf. 

“Now That It’s Over” also paints realistic portraits. You can see the scene in Paris, draw up your own memories of them together with their partner’s family, and them sitting in pieces wondering what went wrong after a couple of years. It’s always nice when you can close your eyes and imagine the scenarios without any sort of guessing game. 

A great song spawned from a negative moment, “Now That It’s Over” is the title track from Sianon’s upcoming EP. Each track will highlight a different stage of a breakup, and we can only hope that this record closes out with the narrator triumphantly moving on and being free from the sadness that often comes with the end of a relationship. The EP is out soon, but the single is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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