“chasing clouds” – Annie Omalley

If there were ever a song more fitting for a RomCom, it’s “chasing clouds” by Annie Omalley. As soon as it started my mind went to every best friend scenario in those films where one of the friends is desperately in love and the other is just going about, living life, dating others…leaving their best friend to reside in a constant state of what-ifs and daydreams amongst the clouds. 

Annie Omalley tears the pages from her notebook and puts them to song. It’s something she’s been doing since around the second grade when she picked up a sticker-covered guitar. Encouraged by her family to be open and honest with all the thoughts and feelings flowing inside of her, she released them into lyrical formations and from that, a cascade of honest and personal songs for all to hear for the past few years, including “chasing clouds.” Which, is a beautifully done song that captures the purity of falling in love, but also the fear that doing anything about it will potentially cause the world to crumble. 

2020 gave way to Annie Omalley’s debut album, ‘golden.’ Since then she’s dropped some singles, with “chasing clouds” being her first of this year. We hope there are more pages of her journals left to explore because we have yet to get enough of her masterful songwriting and pristine pipes. For those looking to check out all Annie Omalley has going on, “chasing clouds” and all the rest of her music is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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