“Blinded By love” – Bad Boyfriend × Jaime Deraz

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jaime Deraz, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What inspired this collaboration?

DERAZ: Bad Boyfriend and I have worked together several times in the past, and it comes super naturally! We wanted to have a happy, feel good track to start off the summer and were really inspired by summer love during the writing process.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about working with each other on this song?

DERAZ: This song was different from some of the other songs we’ve collaborated on because it’s a brighter, happier feel. Our previous collaboration was super dark and club focused, so working on this upbeat summer track was super fun!

Q: What was the creative process for “Blinded By Love”?

DERAZ: We got the idea for “Blinded By Love when we were having a writing session in Phoenix, Arizona! The environment there is so much different from what we’re used to in New York, so a lot of those elements came into play for the lyrics. “Golden Glow” “Purple Skies” and “Rosy Haze” were all inspired by the visuals in the Grand Canyon area. And of course, the Arizona sun is blinding… hence the title!! *-*

Q: What would you say was your favorite part of the creative process?

DERAZ: My favorite part of the creative process is always the very beginning of the production. Once the lyrics and melodies are fully written, hearing the production come to life to create the atmosphere is always my favorite part of any track I’ve been involved in

Q: What do you enjoy most about songwriting?

DERAZ: Taking my surroundings and drawing inspiration from them has always been my favorite part! I try to be really descriptive and paint pictures through my words, and the best part is when people can relate to the lyrics and sing along!

Q: How does your musical roadmap for the rest of the year look?”

DERAZ: The rest of the year is jam packed! Lots more dance tracks to get us through the summer, and some more emotional pop tracks as we head into the fall. Some of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written are coming in the next few months, which is super exciting! *-*

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