“Forget for Me” – Skylar Lee

We had the pleasure of interviewing Skylar Lee, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What inspired “Forget for Me”?

LEE: The idea for “Forget for Me” came to me in the middle of the night. I was sort of at battle with myself and my inability to let go of things that I should, people, memories, you name it. My whole life, people have told me that I have such a good memory, but sometimes it can feel like a curse rather than a blessing. That night, I got this lyric idea of “my memory’s a little too good / I can’t let go of the things I should.” I brought the idea to a co-write that week, and we knew that we had to write that song!

Q: What did you enjoy the most about creating this song?

LEE: I think my favorite part about creating this song was the storytelling element about it. The song is about holding onto memories that are sometimes not the healthiest to hold onto, so I was basically given permission to use as much imagery as I wanted to! There’s a specific line that comes into mind, “Still hooked on the loose thread caught on your jacket / I guess symbolically you’re still unraveling me.” Getting to delve into these little specific details about a person really gets you to think outside the box as a writer.

Q: Do you think being a producer improves your sound or gives you more freedom in anyway?

LEE: I definitely think so! As a creative, I think it’s important to have a say on what my sound will be. It allows the music to be as authentic as possible. I also think this is especially important for me as a female (we’re still trying to raise the number of female producers, but it’s growing little by little)!

Q: Did you self-produce this song? What was the production process for this song like?

LEE: Yes I did! I actually co-produced it with some of my favorite people on the planet: Sean Rogers, Baggio, and Hannah Diones. When the song was initially written, Hannah and I made a demo of where we saw the sound of “Forget for Me” heading (this is also the usual process for our other songs too). A lot of the tracks that we record end up making it onto the final master recording. We sent those individual tracks to Sean, and the four of us (with Baggio on Zoom because he’s based in the Netherlands) got down to the nitty-gritty in the studio to record the other instruments and touch up the vocals! It’s truly such a fun process, but it’s also because everyone in the room (virtually or not) is such a great person!

Q: Could you possibly see yourself doing anything else full-time?

LEE: I always say that if I didn’t do music, I’d probably be doing something with either animals or children. Maybe an elementary school teacher?

Q: What projects are you looking forward to?

LEE: Well this song (at the time of me answering these questions) is releasing May 26th, with the music video for this song coming out June 2nd (my first music video EEEP!). I cannot wait for people to tune in and watch.

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