Artist Interview: “One Heartbeat Away” by Electric Neon Clouds

Q: ‘One Heartbeat Away’ is extremely catchy. Can you tell us what the inspiration behind this song was?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: Thank you so much, that was the goal with that song! As you probably heard there is A LOT of vocoder/autotune straight from the start and it was definitely an artistic choice. I always try to bridge the gap between electro-pop and alt-pop! I always work with a brilliant lyricist called Vann Delorey and he really brought the whole thing to another level lyrically speaking. 

Q: Your name is Jeremy Cornellier, but you decided in 2018 to become ‘Electric Neon Clouds’. Can you tell us how you came up with that name?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: The name took way too long to find ahaha Electric came first because of a song I was listening at the time. Neon came after because I knew I wanted the whole project to be in that aesthetic. I liked Electric Neon but it felt kind of bland at the same time. One night, Benoit Fecteau who mixed the first EPs of that project texted me: Electric Neon Clouds. And that was it, I had the name. 

Q: What first got you into making music?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: Punk rock music videos ahah I started making music with my little brothers 12 years ago and we wanted to be like the bands we saw in music videos at the time. We knew we wanted to be a band so we all chose a different instrument and that’s how I ended up bass player and singer. It is with that same project that we spent the next 8 years making music and touring across Canada. 

Q: You’ve had the opportunity to play over 350 shows all across your home country of Canada. Can you tell us one of your most memorable moments while performing?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: The first time we sold out a gig was insane. I remember being backstage not knowing how many people would show up cause it was the launch party of our first LP. 30 minutes before the gig our manager at the time came in the green room and told us “guys we’re sold out and we need to refuse people at the door”. I could not believe it. 

Q: You are a person of many talents including composer, author, sound designer, musical director, and of course, a musician. Can you tell us what else you have in store in the near future for us?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: I am working on a lot of new music. My goal is to release a single every 6-8 weeks for the next couple of months and try to reduce the gap between the releases as I go. I work with many artists in my new production studio called Maison Slique that you’ll be able to hear pretty soon! 

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

ELECTRIC NEON CLOUDS: It might sound cliche now that everyone finally knows him but Jack Antonoff has been one of my main influences back before he is the biggest producer on the planet! I remember one year my Spotify Wrapped was only Bleachers songs ahah.

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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