“Places” – Áine Rose Daly

Every generation brings about something new to music, and while we haven’t gotten any new genres from the artists building the current musical landscape as of late – what we have gotten is more open and honest conversation starters about mental health. Yes, they existed before but they’re now as common as songs that lend themselves to be summer anthems thanks to artists like Logic, Halsey, and Áine Rose Daly. Her latest single, “Places,” was penned some time ago, but is now ready for all to hear and embrace. 

Anyone who has wrestled more often than not with their mental health knows all too well that the bad days can feel more than overwhelming. Those fears, doubts, and anxieties brought on by a cascade of whirlwinds going on in one’s mind can feel like a brick wall standing between them and the most basic of tasks. Of course, it’s even worse when they create a barrier between you and the things you live to do. Áine Rose Daly was feeling that way when she wrote “Places.” In it she asks, “Why is this a part of me?” and your heart can only break as you ponder the same. 

Áine Rose Daly is known for her role on the Amazon series ‘HANNA,’ but as someone who grew up with music in their bloodline, she started releasing music last year. Her debut single, “Miles,” dropped in 2020, and now she’s back with the heartfelt and moving, “Places.” Songs like this help connect us, and can have the power to put us in better places mentally.

Those interested can check out “Places” as it’s available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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