You Don’t Want To Miss These Songs

If variety is the spice of life, the same applies to your music listening habits, too. Check out this diverse collection of tunes:

Dream Colors – Just A Sign

“Just A Sign,” the debut single by Swiss duo Dream Colors, is a synth pop serenade that evokes a warm sense of serenity. Twinkling synth accents and a steady bass and drums set the mood.

LYV – Haunted

“Haunted” by LYV is guided, predominately, by a medium bass beat and vapory chords. “I love it when you haunt me…I’m still chasing you around in my dreams,” LYV longingly proclaims.

Jordan Ravenhill – Become The Better Person

Singer-songwriter Jordan Ravenhill’s 2021 single, “Become The Better Person,” features a solitary acoustic intro before adding in an emphatic bass beat. In February, Ravenhill is set to drop his full-length debut, “Blessing With Life.”

Good Time Locomotive – Devils & Angels

“Devils & Angels,” by Good Time Locomotive, opens with a chilling, harpsichord-esque intro. Even after a nimble bass appears, that prior pins and needles effect re-emerges every now and again.

Of Love And Lust – Spot

Led by reverberating bass and drums, “Spot,” by multi-national collective, Of Love And Lust, is dedicated to the enduring spirit of man’s best friend. In addition, the band has announced that all proceeds from this song will be donated to the pet adoption charity, Rescue Me.

Sam Macdonald, Rebekka Louise – Breathing Poison (Sam Macdonald Remix)

Remixed by producer Sam Macdonald, Rebekka Louise’s single, “Breathing Poison,” is highlighted by the addition of a series of vicious guitar riffs. In comparison, the original track relied heavily on a melodic baseline of pulsating bass and faint sprinkles of synth.

Jack Elliot – Nature Is Calling

“Nature Is Calling,” by Swedish singer-songwriter Jack Elliot, is an ambient folk song. Aside from elegant acoustics and a processional snare drum, the outro of “Nature Is Calling” features the faintest crackles of a rain stick.

LIAS – Saturday Night (Live From Berlin)

“Saturday Night (Live From Berlin),” by German singer-songwriter LIAS, is a folk-ish rock jam that features wiry chords and tumbling drums. Evolving from a simple acoustic interlude all the way to a more rambling melody, “Saturday Night” is an enjoyable, slow burn of a song.

Steely Eyed Cat – we used to dye our hair in the garden

After opening up with a small dose of lo-fi, bedroom pop, “we used to dye our hair in the garden” by Steely Eyed Cat erupts with a barrage of jagged riffs and rapid fire drums. Clocking in at a shade over two minutes, this track wastes no time installing a series of breakneck, pop-punk breakdowns.

Ink Element – Darko Zhenyo

“Darko Zhenyo,” by electronic music duo Ink Element, is a dark wave creation that lurches to life with a blitzing bass and nightmarish synth. For a few brief moments, this song flatlines before a reveal of twangy echoes. But, that’s just a tiny respite before “Darko Zhenyo” roars back once more.

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