“Yes, There is Life… Baby!” – The Ardvark Felon

Embracing the sounds of late 60s and early 70s psychedelic rock, The Ardvark Felon has released their highly anticipated sophomore album, Yes, There is Life… Baby!, available now. It is a follow up to their debut album, the second record the band homes in on a deeper, darker sound — while still finding the balance of light and joy. The unique name actually comes cleverly from an anagram of the front man’s name Frank Velardo. Taking the era of their influence to heart, the record is also available to order on vinyl.

The rock-infused project launches the listener into the album with “One Time.” The bluesy riff starts the song and continues throughout, like a memorable ear worm. Lead singer Frank Velardo has an upbeat, passionate grit to his voice – making him extremely fun to listen to. The guitar solo is impressive and cool, gliding through the song with ease. The extended solo is perfect for the overall vibe of the song. 

“Cuddles in Nature” sounds as sweet as its title – with light guitar picking and a vocal effect that makes it sound like the listener is on the phone with a close friend. The chorus goes, “cuddles in nature with my baby / squeeze and hold me tight / spirit’s shining light / her touch sets me free.” Overall, the song is romanticizing escaping modern-day problems like phones and cost of living – to just be with the one you love.

Yes, There is Life… Baby! is a perfect name for this album because that’s exactly what it captures: Life. The good, the bad, and everything in between. There’s rage and grit in “Conspiracy” while there’s joy and faith in “Let Your Love Shine Through.” The album closes with “Small Star” which is where the title name is pulled from. The track has a lullaby nature, singing to someone who might be scared from all the bad parts of life. “What a night Why did you wait? / There’s no need to hesitate / We’ve got all the fixins for some fun / Why don’t you come out from the clouds, my small star?” Velardo sings with what feels like an encouraging smile.

Overall, it is a polished, thoughtful body of work and a perfect way to follow their debut self-titled album. So, make sure to go and listen to The Ardvark Felon’s album Yes, There is Life… Baby! and if you’re in the Philadelphia area, go check out one of their live shows!

Written by Katie Power





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