“When I Don’t Reply” – Gianni Capri

“When I Don’t Reply” by Gianni Capri boldly rejects half-hearted acts of affection in this upbeat pop anthem. Capri’s lyrics gives a feeling of him asserting his independence and his worth. He is refusing to yield to the modern day dating woes that the average person faces. Capri is giving a resounding proclamation against the late-night hookups that leave him feeling used. Capri’s controlled vocal nonchalance is almost reminiscent of a upbeat Kanye West, which also mirrors the song’s thematic dismissal. The production, with infectious beats and playful refrains, adds an ironic cheerfulness to the rejection narrative. Capri dismantles clichés and navigates rhythmic shifts with a musical shrug. “When I Don’t Reply” is a chic soundtrack for confidently embracing solitude in a world crowded with expectations.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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