Top 5 Trends of the Summer

This summer is quite a bit different than any other we’ve ever experienced, to say the least. We’ve all had to go through adjustments with many parts of our lives; but luckily fashion isn’t going anywhere. Summer 2020 trends are simple, classy, and you can easily still get all the looks by shopping online. We have rounded up the top five fashion trends for you ?

Puffed Sleeves with Square Neck

Victorian sleeves, aka puffed sleeves, have definitely been making the headlines this year. Ladies and teens are also addicted to the cute square neck neck cut to go along with it. It’s adorable and elegant, and you can see all the fashion influencers, like this sweetheart Hannah Ann, snapping some flattering shots with these tops.

Source: Hannah Ann Sluss

'60s Prints 

If ‘60s floral prints are your thing, or if you are a vintage lover, then this is your summer. Retro prints have been making their way back onto the fashion runaways. You can get creative during more socially isolated times by finding online vintage stores and shopping on Etsy. Best of all though, is that you can get brand new and unused vintage-type clothing right here at Shop Music & Fashion.

Source: Shop Music & Fashion

Sheer Layer

It’s time to show off a little skin this summer ’cause sheer mesh is in! If you already own a sheer top or a dress, you can layer it over a cami or colored bra and bring out your sassy side. Otherwise all the on-trend online stores such as Revolve, Windsor, Music & Fashion Shop, Fashion Nova, and Shein have these. Get some glamorous insta photos indoors or nearby your home just by choosing the right outfits.

Source: Caitlin Elizaxo


It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention neon as a 2020 fashion trend, and nobody rocks it better than Rapper/Host Chanel West Coast. Neon has undoubtedly been one of the most popular colors seen on the fashion runaways this year. What’s life without a burst of color to brighten everyone’s mood? Express yourself to your friends, on insta, for a photoshoot, or a night out in neon.

Source: Chanel West Coast

Bra Top

Crop tops have been in for a while, but the even shorter bra tops have been all the recent craze! They come in many styles and designs, with crochet being super in. Pair it with high-waisted bottoms and you’ll be perfect for the summer.

Source: Shop Music & Fashion

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