Fashion Trends During Lockdown

As the situation around the world has rapidly been changing, many people are more comfortable staying at home as much as possible (plus we’re being asked to do so). But should this new way of life restrain you from expressing your usual fashionable self? Absolutely not! With the lockdown lifestyle still in effect, loungewear looks are now totally in. You can dress up for Instagram photos by following comfortable yet chic fashion styles. These days, dressing well is dressing down. ️  Here are some trending loungewear looks:

Casual Jumpsuits

Casual jumpsuits are always a good choice for any informal look. With one-pieces you can look both fashionable and chill at the same time – keeping all your Facetime friends and Instagram followers relaxed. Maybe they’ll even want to hop into their own onesie after they see you.

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Silk Dresses

Silk comes with a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Perhaps at one point casual silk dresses were perceived as just slips, but these days they are full-on outfits. For a nicer look, try adding a matching comfy headband or a pony to your silk loungewear.

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Cargo Pants With Slogan Tees

Cargo pants are as cozy as they are edgy. You can pair them with a cool slogan tee, or even a simple crop or front tie knot shirt. The slogans can be inspirational, funny, or anything showing a little personality. You will rock your loungewear look with this stylish pairing. 

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Leggings and Crop Top

All the influencers had been wearing these prior to lockdown, but now the style is even bigger than ever before. A loose crop top keeps you on-trend while not trying too hard. Alternatively, a tight crop top gives you the fit and sexy look. Here in Los Angeles, most everyone walks around as if they just got out of a workout or yoga class, and whether or not they actually did, the leggings and crop top set is really just a chic way to stay in your comfort zone all day! 

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