“Too Old To Go Out” – Jordan Mitchell

It is rare to find a genuinely catchy, funny, clever pop song these days that isn’t painfully corny. “Too Old To Go Out” by Jordan Mitchell is an outlier. With an elegant, colloquial poeticism, Jordan expresses a sentiment many adults feel: going out just isn’t the same the older you get. This may be one of the only songs about this somewhat niche, unspoken feeling, but you’ll be glad you heard it. It’s not only incredibly well-made but also relatable and amusing.

The song begins with what seems to be a heavily distorted vocal sample or synth, paired with a plucky electric guitar. This instrumentation carries through as the vocals enter: “No need for my I.D. / They let me right in / One shot of tequila / Then I get the spins.” Already, the imagery is strong. All the post-college adults breathe a sigh of playful recognition, knowing they’re the target audience. The music has this classic electronic pop sound, characterized by light-hearted chords and a crisp drum program. Jordan’s vocals are meticulously chorused, tuned, and gated, but not so much that you lose the organic nature of his voice. He actually has this pleasantly warm, raspy timbre.

The chorus comes around, and just like you might’ve expected, it’s wonderfully catchy. With the addition of some harmonies, this section is full, satisfying, and memorable. If you like a good, easy-listening pop track, you’ll absolutely love this. Give Jordan Mitchell a stream and a follow on your favorite streaming service or social media outlet.

Written by Alyce Lindberg

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