“Too Bold (feat. Nova Twins, Tawiah, Jelly Cleaver, Celisse, Ala. Ni, MVM, MEGAN)” – Shingai

Shingai’s latest single “Too Bold” is an honest, empowering feminist track that features an incredible group of talented women including Nova Twins, Tawiah, Jelly Cleaver, Celisse, Ala.Ni, MVM, and MEGAN. A dynamic song that showcases Shingai’s incredible musical and storytelling talents, “Too Bold” is a triumphant collaboration that is as timely as it is timeless.
With an ambient crescendo of guitar arpeggiation, “Too Bold” begins confidently as Shingai’s clear, lightly textured voice enters with a rich tone that is engaging and unique as it fluctuates between mezzo and alto tones effortlessly. The instrumentation lightly builds with flourishes that perfectly accent the decorative vocal harmonies that emphasize the powerful lyrics as she sings “Don’t let them tell you you’re too dark”. The narrative of the lyrics tells the raw, honest tale of growing up as a woman with dark skin, but it does offer a sense of hope and belonging in its presentation that focuses on community and women supporting other women. An overall hopeful song, “Too Bold” makes a powerful statement about following your own path no matter what they say.
Based in the United Kingdom, Shingai is now entering a new era of her career by releasing her debut solo album Too Bold. Formerly the front woman and bassist for The Noisettes, Shingai’s first single is an incredible indication for what is to come from this absolutely powerhouse of an artist. Described by Rolling Stone as “the new afrofuturist pop goddess”, Shingai is building a solid foundation with her unmatched talent, beautifully orchestrated instrumentation, and lyrics that are real, supportive, and inclusive.

Written by Katrina Charles

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