“The Portrait (Ooh La La)” – R3HAB & Gabry Ponte

The beauty of music is that it’s an ever-changing art form. Dance music, for example, has gone through a wave of formations from the height of Disco to the rave-inspired culture of the late ‘90s to the mainstream heavy hitters that have found themselves topping the charts today. All those roads led to artists like R3HAB and Gabry Ponte teaming up for “The Portrait (Ooh La La),” a song that’s destined to be a club staple, and more, for years to come. 

First off, the dance element in R3HAB and Gabry Ponte’s collaboration is spot on. There is no way to get from point A to point B of this song without moving one’s body. That’s a fact. Another element that works wonders for this track is that “The Portrait (Ooh La La)” is one of those songs that may start in one genre, but can move into other arenas with ease. The hook is very reminiscent of what Britney Spears was delivering on classics like ‘In the Zone’ and ‘Circus.’ Because of that, there is a huge possibility that “The Portrait (Ooh La La)” could make a huge dent in the Drag scene as a lip-sync favorite. It has all the right moments for that; sultry, fun, lively. 

Plus, lyrically, this is just a great song. You want to know more about this woman being sung about. She’s a little Marie Antoinette and Marilyn Monroe? Instantly people are intrigued and want to know her. That mystery intertwined with a song that makes the body move in various ways on the dancefloor, that’s a recipe for a pristine hit that represents where dance music is today.

Those interested in checking out the magic that came from this collaboration between R3HAB and Gabry Ponte can check out “The Portrait (Ooh La La))” out now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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