“Taste It” – Sam Short

Listening to “Taste It” by Sam Short is a visceral experience for anyone who’s been through what she’s describing. Through a masterful, vibrant musical palette, she puts into words a feeling that’s specific but heartbreakingly recognizable. It takes talent to bring about a catharsis in an audience–and even more talent to do it this poetically.

The intro sports a piano/vocal duo, both soaked in reverb and echo. Sam whispers, “Was she worth it? / Was she just what you needed and more?” setting a mood of betrayal, heartbreak, and distrust. Her clear, sultry voice carries through the rest of the verse with several rhetorical questions, a lyrical tool that allows the listener to feel privy to the conversation. The pre-chorus creeps in with a pulsating synth, soon to be replaced with some edgy, distorted power chords. This transition signals a change in connotation. While the words felt more melancholy and despondent before, now they’re spiteful. “Oh, I hate that she knows how you taste,” Sam sings, telling the listener how slighted she feels by the constant, intrusive idea that her partner cheated. The rock sensibility of the chorus is a layer that exemplifies the range of emotions one can feel in these situations: self-pity, disbelief, and in this case, anger. 


The latter half of the song employs a lot of choir-like background vocals–not only in harmony but doubles bolstering the lead. It has a rather beautiful, harrowing effect. The chorus already felt dramatic, but Sam really put the icing on the cake with that choice. That being said, this is a song pretty much anyone could enjoy. Be sure to listen, like, and follow for more from Sam Short! 

Written by Alyce lindberg

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