“Symptomatic” – Peach PRC

Art is always a response to the world at the time, and there is no denying that in recent years the attention to the importance of mental health and our conversations about it has impacted every creative aspect from movies to television to music. The latter being expressed in a multitude of genres from Paramore’s “Fake Happy” to Vic Mensa’s “There’s A Lot Going On” and now 2021’s “Symptomatic” from Australia’s own Peach PRC.

What I like about songs like “Symptomatic” is that it doesn’t hide behind metaphors and flowery language. It paints a clear picture of what Peach PRC is going through lyrically. You can see her in her therapist’s office, you can see her highs and lows through the simple yet honest storytelling. She bares it all and it pays off because while the song hits hard, it also feels like a warm embrace from a friend who gets what you’re going through. It’s the way this is easily relatable that makes it a powerhouse single many are going to be able to attach themselves to, and why in less than a month has almost amassed 100k views on YouTube alone. 

The more we see mental health explored in the mainstream, the more those conversations in our everyday lives become normalized and while some may think, it’s just a song – it’s so much more. It’s a stepping stone towards someone potentially seeking help. 

“Symptomatic” is the latest from Peach PRC’s upcoming debut EP that promises to make her a musical mainstay and a voice of a generation. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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