“Swimming Pools” – Dani Stocksdale

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dani Stocksdale, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What would you like your music to mean to people now and in the future?

STOCKSDALE: I want my music to serve as a bridge that brings people together, fostering connections through the power of relatable lyrics and melodies that evoke memories and emotions. Engaging with people has always been a source of fulfillment for me, be it with close friends or complete strangers. My music allows me to expand this connection exponentially, reaching people far beyond my immediate circle.

Q: What does “Swimming Pools” mean to you?

STOCKSDALE: It’s become really difficult to meet people in today’s digital world. This track explores the struggle of wanting to be in a relationship but failing to put yourself out there. “Swimming Pools” act as a metaphor for relationships – pools are enticing, yet the prospect of jumping into one can be daunting. “Swimming Pools” is an intimate reflection of my experiences, and I hope it resonates with listeners, offering them understanding, comfort, and a sense of shared experience. While the overall premise of the song may be sad, it maintains an optimistic tone suggesting “Maybe I’ll come back another day.”

Q: What did you enjoy the most about creating “Swimming Pools”?

STOCKSDALE: I loved the writing process for this song. It was my first time writing with Brian Brundage, so in the beginning, we were simply sharing stories and getting to know each other. The verses actually started as jokes we playfully tossed back and forth. I remember thinking, “Could we actually use this?” It was one of those rare moments when I didn’t feel the pressure to make every line poetic or overly clever. The vibe was just conversational, and there’s something truly magical about that. We hit a roadblock while working on the chorus; so, Brian and I took a walk with his dog Pepino in order to step away from the song and come back with clear minds. We wrote a few different choruses before we landed on the concept of swimming pools; but, once we had that, everything else just flowed effortlessly. I have a voice memo of us writing the chorus and it’s like four minutes long, which is crazy.

Q: Who would you say is your biggest supporter? Why?

STOCKSDALE: My parents have always been my biggest supporters. Growing up in a close-knit family, I’ve shared a deep bond with both of them. They recognized my passion for music and performance from an early age and wholeheartedly encouraged me to pursue it. They found me a vocal coach and a piano teacher so that I could explore this passion further as well as establish a musical foundation. Their support at every musical theater production and singing concert has been a huge source of strength and motivation. To this day, whenever I write a new song, they are the first to hear it. Sharing music with them is a special experience, and I feel very lucky to have their support throughout my whole journey.

Interviewed by Zoey King




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