Spring Fashion Color Trends 2021

We have all lost count of the days spent in quarantine. The only thing to look forward to now is the upcoming spring season 2021. It is definitely worth noticing because it’s all about bold hues. From striking metallic shades to pretty pastels and sunny yellows, the Spring/Summer 2021 is all about playing with happy and bright colors. Get ready as we reveal the hottest colors that will be looming large with the warm season. 

Dazzling Silvers

Spring 2021 is all about striking silvers! Have nothing to wear at a party? Go for a metallic silver jacket, dress, or a pair of dazzling silver shoes. You will be seeing so much of the sexy silver color that there may be a shortage of silver silhouettes in the market.

Source: Venus

Sunny Yellow

You will be seeing a lot of yellows on the street and runways as spring approaches. Add a fun vibe to a boring outfit with a pop of sunny yellow. If the bright color is not your thing, then a pale yellow can dramatically take your look from zero to hero.

Source: @blogger.musicfashion

White Wash

Perhaps white is the only color that never goes out of style. Head-to-toe white can really transform your style in seconds. From a white blazer, pants, a knitted top to a bodycon dress in white, the color can oomph up your whole outfit.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Pretty in Pink

The ultra-bubbly pink shade popped up the most on the spring 2021 runways. If feminine pink is not your color, then you can for a darker shade like bold fuchsia. It’s a trendy color with a romantic vibe, which makes it perfect for spring 2021.

Source: Venus

Optimistic Green

It ain’t easy carrying a green because there are so many shades to look forward to this season! This spring, green comes in a range of exciting shades from mint, seafoam, neon, emerald lime, army, and much more. You can style it as a jacket with jeans to make a casual outfit or go formal with a green dress. 

Source: Lookastic

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