“Sparrow” – Wyn Starks

Wyn Starks’ latest release “Sparrow” is a heartfelt, soulful song that brings the classic gospel genre into the modern age. With gorgeously minimal instrumentation and Wyn Stark’s incredibly dynamic vocals, “Sparrow” tells a beautiful, hopeful narrative in a timeless way.

The song begins with a jazzy piano riff that encapsulates the hopeful message of the tune before a deep organ drone appears as Starks begins to sing. There is a soft heaviness to the words as Starks’ light, textured voice tells of sorrow and disappointment upon realizing that “the water is still rising on me”. The music slowly builds in a way that both acknowledges the difficulties while remaining hopeful that things will improve. Suddenly, Starks’ voice erupts in a soaring, chill-inducing display as he sings “Thought times they were changing, one day I’ll be free”. 

Upon listening to “Sparrow”, its apparent that, though hopeful, the message stems from an incredibly deep and personal wound. The Minneapolis native wrote “Sparrow” inspired by fellow Minneapolis native George Floyd, whose death in 2020 at the hands of police sparked a movement towards the dismantling of systemic racism in America. Though “Sparrow” tells an incredibly personal tale about not feeling safe in one’s own home due to these issues, it also tells a tale of perseverance and hope in the face of adversity. Wyn Starks has created an incredibly raw, engaging song that will remind listeners that, though there is much work to be done, there is hope that the next generation’s troubles will be “swept by the sea”.

Written by Katrina Charles

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