“Emily” – Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler have once again joined forces to create incredible music. The duo’s latest single “emily” off of their new EP brent ii is a gorgeous, dynamic song that showcases the pair’s musical chemistry. “emily” is in an emotional tune that boasts perfectly blended folk and pop elements that will hypnotize you from the first note.

With a soft intro, “emily” begins with a light rhythmic melody before moving bass notes lead into the first verse. Jeremy Zucker’s vocals are soft and sweet as he tells a tale of a love affair drenched in complexities. He begins “The worst of it all, I still believe in you”. Chelsea Cutler’s high melodies add enchanting decoration to the understated verse. Suddenly you are met with an enveloping chorus of breathtaking vocal harmonies and confident, driving instrumentation while they recollect the ugliest moments of a relationship with a romantic filter. Cutler takes the second verse with her clear, ringing voice as she tells the other perspective of this raw, relatable tale. She sings “in spite of it all, you’re still my everything”.

Two years after the release of their first EP brent, Zucker and Cutler were able to safely travel to upstate New York in the midst of a global pandemic and craft their follow-up EP brent ii. With “emily”, it’s apparent they were able to find magic in the chaos and create music that sees beauty in the most complex of situations.

Written by Katrina Charles

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