“Soulmate Song” by Carson James Argenna

Carson James Argenna’s single “Soulmate Song” is a heartfelt, thoughtful tune that explores the idea of soulmates and the trials that they face. The track is full of unexpected melodic and instrumental surprises that showcase the singer and songwriter’s unique style, captivating voice, and realistic perspective.

“Soulmate Song” begins with a haunting, lightly modulated a cappella intro that blends each vocal layer effortlessly into an inviting, encompassing sound. Carson’s voice enters with a light, melodic delivery that accentuates the conversational and pensive tone. The thoughtful feel shifts suddenly and unexpectedly with confident piano chords replacing the vocal accompaniment with a strong and driving presence. The orchestration builds alongside the vocal harmonies to create a captivating experience as Argenna sings “just know it breaks my heart when love’s 10,000 miles apart and lonely souls are never face to face”.

Based in Rochester, New York, Carson James Argenna’s big break came from a viral TikTok that attracted the attention of Columbia Records. When Argenna posted a portion of “Soulmate Song” on the popular app, its momentum caught the eye of the recording giant and, as Argenna states, “Columbia Records saw it and helped me finish it”. Now a complete song full of heart and dynamic soul, “Soulmate Song” is the kind of release that strongly suggests that things are going to turn out okay for this up-and-coming artist.

Written by Katrina Charles

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