“Sick Kisses” – Liam Barrack

“Sick Kisses” by Liam Barrack has one of the most animated, beautiful guitar riffs you’ll ever hear. As an undercurrent to an already brilliant song, it breathes life into the rhythmic and harmonic elements of the writing, elevating it to a unique level. It’s the kind of song that musicians want to learn and that other listeners want to cherish–a difficult dichotomy to maintain.

It begins with the aforementioned riff, which outlines a few chords with swift arpeggios and clean plucks. A soft synth flows through the background. “If there is such a thing as losing hope, then I’m almost there,” Liam croons, his voice organic and smooth. After spilling a few affectionate phrases, his voice echoes onto a new electronic groove, characterized by hi-hats and a few swells. We’re immediately launched into another verse, this time with a bit of percussion to heighten the energy.

The chorus erupts: “‘Cause I don’t want you sick kisses / if they don’t come with you.” The lyrics describe a contrast between sickness and devotion, and a willingness to experience pain out of pure adoration. It’s a sweet message communicated via an undeniably catchy medium. With the addition of a washy, harmonically interesting bridge, the song comes to a gratifying conclusion.

Be sure to give Liam Barrack a listen! “Sick Kisses” employs all of the aspects of a perfect pop song and more. Plus, if you’re a guitarist, it’s a fun opportunity to learn a new riff or technique! You won’t regret getting to know this wholesomely talented artist.

Written by Alyce lindberg

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