“See Me” – Sam Tompkins

“See Me” by Sam Tompkins is an outpouring of self-reflective catharsis over an elegant set of acoustic guitar chords. His signature, raspy timbre infuses every word with conviction—and if you’ve ever heard his other work, his performance here is truly consistent. Everything Sam Tompkins releases is wildly impressive, and this is no different.

“I’ve never been confident,” Sam utters over a delicate major chord. The quiet, meek delivery matches the words perfectly. As he pours out this heartbreaking self-analysis, the instrumentation remains simple. These first few phrases thrive in the sparse atmosphere. As new instruments pile in, namely, a dreamy synth, the angst builds until the release of the hook: “What if you see me the way that I see me?” A reverb throw sends these words echoing into a silent backdrop. It’s one of the most effective taglines you’ll ever hear. You’re left holding your breath for a moment before the instruments burst back into the mix.

The second verse utilizes a simple drum groove to differentiate it dynamically from the first. Harmonies also decorate certain motifs, adding yet another gratifying layer of texture. By the second chorus, the instrumentation has swelled to become a cloud of indistinguishable harmony, giving the chords this spacey, other-worldly quality. It all eventually melts into a low-pitched, final recitation of the chorus over the lone acoustic.

Be sure to give this track a listen! It’s yet another brilliant addition to Sam Tompkins’s discography and a stand-alone masterpiece.


Written by Alyce Lindberg

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