“Remember” – Becky Hill and David Guetta

Becky Hill’s single “Remember” is a driving, inescapable pop masterpiece that showcases the singer and songwriter’s incredible voice and lyrical talents. Co-produced by David Guetta, “Remember” demands your attention from beginning to end.

“Remember” begins with a fiery entrance that accentuates Becky Hill’s strong and striking voice. Solid piano chords create a moving foundation as the song glides through the verse with vocal echoes that resonate uninterrupted in the spacious orchestration. The music slowly ramps up with growing beats until you reach the explosive, rhythmic chorus. The melody is uplifting and unexpected as Hill sings “just when I think I’m finally doing okay, that’s when I remember”.

Based in London, the experienced artist already has 180 songs registered with ASCAP and has written and performed on 12 singles that have charted on the UK Top 40. While she already has plenty of musical success up her sleeve, Becky Hill’s release “Remember” is a single off of her debut studio album. On this release with David Guetta, the two powerhouse musicians have combined their talents to create an undeniably catchy, colorful display that stands out with incredibly dynamic production, uplifting rhythms, and Hill’s versatile, effortless voice. This unmatched musical collaboration is an experience you won’t be able to forget.

Written by Katrina Charles

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