“Punchline” – Alexa Valentino

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alexa Valentino, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Could you give us a background story of how you got the idea for “Punchline”?

VALENTINO: The original idea started with just the title. I thought it sounded really cool and it stood out to my co-writer and I. the story itself was inspired by my relationship with social media and the general public. I’ve been through a lot online over the years and have really let it affect me in deep ways. over time you get used to it and those things simply don’t affect you the way they used to, so that’s why I wrote punchline.

Q: How long have you been making music?

VALENTINO: I wrote a bunch of songs as a kid but the first “real” song I ever wrote and released was when I was 11.

Q: Could you walk us through your creative and production process for this song?

VALENTINO: If my memory is correct, my co-writer and I finished this one in a day. I brought it into the studio a few weeks later and my producer and I agreed on our vision. Some songs could go in many directions production wise but this one had a pretty clear path.

Q: What is your favorite memory so far from your journey as a musician?

VALENTINO: Probably the show I just did in Philadelphia on the release night for my album. I’ve never had a crowd scream my lyrics back to me so loud it got hard to hear myself at some points. truly my first “I made it” moment and something I will never forget.

Q: That’s awesome! Could you possibly see yourself doing anything else full-time?

VALENTINO: No. Simply just no.

Q: How does your musical roadmap for the rest of the year look?

VALENTINO: I really hope to be touring this fall/winter. it’s really hard to get on the road as an independent artist but playing music live is the best part of what I do. I also hope to release a post-album single sometime later in the year as a way to start the next era.

Interviewed by Zoey King





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