“PSYCHOPATH” – Kayla DiVenere

It has been quite the year for this little pop meets Riot grrrl movement as of late. From Olivia Rodrigo giving us Paramore vibes to Willow being backed by Travis Barker to the latest single from the silver screen dynamo Kayla DiVenere – it’s all making me yearn for more summers at the Warped Tour. 

In what is her fourth single since 2018, “PSYCHOPATH” ramps up the energy, the angst, the rock vibes and delivers on every level. While many think of Gen Z as mere children – they’re growing up, and ready to share their own experiences in this crazy world and while they may differ from Boomers and Millennials in many ways, as a teen Kayla DiVenere’s experience relayed in this song can be seen as something many of all ages have gone through. It’s that inner saboteur we have inside of us that tragically doesn’t allow us to give our heart to someone that may want to give us theirs. Halting things before they start based on no other reason than a little, chaotic voice inside your head telling you to. 

Kayla DiVenere seems to have been born to be an entertainer. She shined bright early on and entered the world of acting. So far she’s appeared on ‘Law & Order,’ ‘Love, Victor,’ and ‘Light as a Feather.’ In between acting, she has been dropping dynamic singles since her 2018 debut, “Youth.” There was no doubt she was going to create a buzz with her 2020 release, “Justin Bieber” either. Now she’s back with her latest, hypest track to date, “PSYCHOPATH.” Those who want to get their indie pop-rock on can check that and all of Kayla DiVenere’s music out now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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