“Player’s Fool (Who Am I?)” – Elle Baez

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elle Baez, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: 1. What would you like your music to say to listeners?

BAEZ: I want my music to say you are strong and powerful but also a real vulnerable human being with emotions and deep feelings. My new song “Player’s Fool (Who Am I)” describes me walking through those sides of me. I have always been a strong independent single women but now I have fallen in love for the first time and I’ve been acting so differently, thats why I reference becoming an angel and feeling like I’m floating.

Q: Could you walk us through your creative process for “Player’s Fool (Who Am I)”?

BAEZ: The real emotions were there from the start. I was in the shower after my boyfriend had left for the weekend and I just started singing “Who Am I? Oh Who Am I”. I immediately started recording it. I had basically written the melody of the chorus, verses and bridge all at once, it poured out of me. Then I sent the voice memo to my producer, Luca Brown. He helped me build out the chords and the full track. Then I showed the lyrics to my friend Anthony Quaid and he helped me craft some really beautiful metaphors based on what I had already written about. From there, the song was born!! I recorded final vocals with my producer Tiger Darrow at Studio G in Brooklyn. It was mixed by JHJ (Olivia Dean) and mastered by Emerson Mancini (Lizzo, Camila Cabello)

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve received about the industry?

BAEZ: No one is going to work as hard as you. If you really want to do this, you need to put your full self into it and truly believe it will happen. I know I have a purpose in life and it is to share my voice. I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Q: Who’s one artist you look up to? Why?

BAEZ: I look up to Mariah Carey and recently have been singing along to a lot of her tracks to learn how to navigate vocals like her. I have been developing my whistle tones, which I get to showcase in this song, and it has been so cool to discover new parts of my voice! She also is a queen and has always known her worth. I really admire her songwriting and that she vocally arranges and produces some of her tracks as well. That’s real talent!

Q: What is the best show you’ve ever played? Why?

BAEZ: My favorite show I ever played was opening for Bea Miller at the Victoria’s Secret Pink Main Stage in Austin, Texas! The crowd was my biggest yet and they were SO into my music! Most of them hadn’t heard of me before the show. After the show they all told me they were huge fans now. I loved meeting them all and that room just had an incredibly positive energy. Plus, Bea Miller absolutely killed it!

Q:  How does your musical roadmap for the rest of the year look?

BAEZ: I will be releasing a new latin-pop single called, Fuego, later this summer. Plus some other singles until my Sophomore EP drops at the end of the year! Then, the plan is to tour it ^-^ More to come soon!!

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