“Paradigm” – Nina June

Capturing her own transformation in real time, signature silver-blonder songstress Nina June has released her highly anticipated album Paradigm. The Amsterdam-based artist has seen a lot of change in her life, from relationships, friendships, and becoming a mother, she knew she wanted to turn to art to share how she was feeling. What is unique about her release this time around was the collaborations on this project.

“I tried to tune into the musical landscapes of my collaborators,” she says. “After my son was born, there was another new dynamic as well. For the first time, I was craving a moment to myself, and I wrote some songs on my own too. The whole process was unique and inspiring for me.”

“Your Surrender (with Emily James),” which feels like a closed off person finally allowing love in. June’s production on her music is always filled with such intention and direction. Her signature soundscape is built with soft background vocals and subtle melodic hooks, truly captivating the listener. The songwriting is real, like Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day,” it feels personal, like it was ripped out of a diary page. The standout lyric on the track is, “maybe all of my doubts are just empty.” It showcases a real vulnerability and change in perspective.

“Wish You Well (with Old Sea Brigade),” is such an amazing indie alt-rock track. It is reminiscent of the Grammy-winning project The Record by Boygenius. The chorus is no fluff and all truth in the best way. The melody nails this floating feeling that you cannot help but move to. It is this on again/off again couple that somehow always finds their way back to each other, even if it’s not what is best for them.

“Moon Over The Sun (with Joshua Hyslop)” is a right place, right time song. Talking about the “invisible string” the two shared and how every moment led them to the moment of them finding each other. This song has more of an alt-pop sound, feeling like a perfect coffee house radio hit. The guitars drive keeps the song engaging while the listener gets wrapped up in the story of true love.

A unique response song, “Savannah” is June’s version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” where the protagonist sings to the woman who stole her lover and, invariably, altered the course of her life. The alt-pop song soars and roars, with June pouring her heart out to Savannah, painting a picture of this love that was broken and how Savannah stepped in and changed everything. This song has some real bite, showing that June has class, but can also call it how she sees it. “You put it in the paper / then shoved it in my face / some people cross the line with grace,” she sings, knowing she does not have to say anymore to get the point across.

Overall, Nina June’s goal with this EP was to “show herself like never before,” and that was truly executed. June engulfs the listeners into her world and demands their attention. She is so attentive to every measure, every lyric, showing this real heart and craftsmanship. Her lyrics are mesmerizing, each song having these gut punch moments. If you have not heard of Nina June yet – you will soon.

Written by Katie Power





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