“Paper Plane” – Mads Langelund

“Paper Plane” by Mads Langelund is everything you could possibly want a pop/rock song to be– catchy, dynamic, emotionally gratifying, and most of all, masterfully produced. With a wide range of influences and an inviting sound, this song could be an instant hit. 

It begins with a cloud of radio static and a lone synth riff. Suddenly the full band bursts in mid-measure, giving the groove this feverish anticipation. The intensity melts down to just bass, drums, and a soft, buzzing synth as the vocalist croons, “Three-thousand miles apart / Yearning for your touch.” Already the scene has been set: two people in love are separated by distance. It’s relatable. It’s common. It’s ultimately cathartic. The melody continues on a satisfying path toward the chorus. A throng of harmonies and punchy words momentarily silence the instrumentation and propel us into the hook: “If I could jump on a little paper plane / I’d already be on my way to meet you there.” The chorus welcomes the full extent of each instrument–the guitars become busier, the drums become more driving, and the bass envelops the low end. 

A second verse and chorus follow the dynamic arc of the song, eventually culminating in an effervescent bridge and a high-energy, final chorus. We’re gifted with some gymnastic, belted vocals and a bittersweet ending. Brick by brick, Mads Langelund pieced together a seriously touching, gratifying track with heart, passion, and undeniable talent. If you’re a fan of tightly produced pop/rock, you’ll eat this one up. 

Written by Alyce lindberg

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