“Notes App Apology” – Cate Tomlinson

To utilize what you have is human nature, and for many creatives today the Notes App on their phones is it. From comedians penning random jokes throughout their day to bloggers making listicles on public transit to musicians laying down the foundations for songs to come; it’s the norm. The latter perfectly sums up Cate Tomlinson in regards to how much of her heart is poured out into a common app, especially in her latest – rightfully titled, “Notes App Apology.” 

Cate Tomlinson comes through with a sentiment that many can relate to. The reality of finding yourself in a situation that is less than ideal, but not knowing how to go about exiting. This was not something Cate typed into thin air one night, but the actuality of her life at one point when she was stuck in a constant cycle of drafting texts to end things, but never sending them. That’ll hit home for those who’ve found themselves with their finger trembling over “send” of a text that could change everything. Much like Taylor Swift, Tomlinson writes like an open book, but musically she approached “Notes App Apology” with electropop vibes that have a dark undertone. 

Born in the Bay Area of California, Cate Tomlinson relocated to Boston to focus on strengthening herself as an artist at Northeastern University. The Music Industry major dropped her debut, “Lies,” in 2020 and since then has released an EP, as well as a few more singles including “Favorite Boy” and “Good Days.” 

To hear “Notes App Apology” and more from Cate Tomlinson, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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