“Not Jealous” Anna Curreen

While we are supportive of our friends, there is also a bit of jealousy underneath it all for everyone. Anyone would be lying if they said there wasn’t. It is human nature to yearn for what another has that you feel you lack. Healthy? That’s debatable but a part of our everyday reality that we can’t deny which is why a song like “Not Jealous” by Anna Curreen hits, and it hits hard. 

Delicate to the touch in both initial sound and spirit, I’d be telling a tall tale if I said “Not Jealous” didn’t take me back to high school. Let’s be real, it took me back to just five minutes ago because today it’s hard to escape those feelings when we’re constantly scrolling through someone else’s come-ups on social media. 

What Anna Curreen captures with her take on the subject is that part of jealousy that rolls over into being envious of how another seems like the personification of everything good compared to the lackluster day-to-day of one’s self and she does so with a striking sound. Like the musical love children of Billie Eilish and SZA, Anna Curreen comes through like fraternal twins on this track as the frontend and backend blend, but there is this distinct sound found in each half that gives the song a bit of an edge. She took a chance and it paid off well. 

This Kentucky singer-songwriter is just getting started. Her debut, “Affirmation” dropped back in 2020 and since then she’s released a few more singles including “Compassion” and “We Ran (out of time). To hear all of that and more, make sure to check Anna Curreen out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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