“No Matter What” – Lost Blonde

The current state of pop music is as bountiful as it is chalked full of marvelous talent that comes through with pure sounds that are unlike the more overprocessed pop of the past. It’s as if singer-songwriters are taking charge more with mainstream names like Taylor Swift having to watch her back as newcomers to the scene like Lost Blonde are just getting started, and are impressing every step of the way. Lost Blonde’s latest, “No Matter What” is a testament to that.

First and foremost, the vocals of “No Matter What” stand out. There is an earnest charm to every word that comes out of Lost Blonde’s mouth and it’s hard to imagine skipping any moment of the song once you press play. Lyrically, a great song about what goes into loving another, but it’s that emotive, stuck in your head for days chorus that cements this song as a must-listen in 2022. It has the pop essence of a classic from Christina and tops it off with the artistry of a Sara Bareilles and comes together in the here and now for everyone to enjoy – over and over again. 

“No Matter What” is the third single from Lost Blonde. 2021 marked the release of the debut, “Dreamin’ About You” followed by “Bulletproof.” Music has always been a saving grace for Lost Blonde, an “escape” and “safe place” for the singer-songwriter to hide out from the world. Well, here’s to hoping Lost Blonde comes out of hiding long enough to enjoy the flowers coming her way because if this trio is any indication, we’ll all want more and soon from this one. 

To hear “No Matter What” and more from Lost Blonde, check her out on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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