“Neon Shadows” – Hi-Fi Cali

“Neon Shadows” by Hi-Fi Cali feels like you fell into a enchanting realm where twilight and song emerges as a symphony of colors and emotions. “Sunset symphonies” weave through the verses, echoing begging pleas that linger in the air. “Neon Shadows” lyrics are very simplistic but dreamlike, and it’s almost as if Hi-Fi Cali invites its listeners to surrender to a weightless dreamscape. This ethereal dreampop vocal hook masterfully balances familiarity with the repetition of its simplistic lyrics and innovation in its instrumentals. Listening to “Neon Shadows” will build a world in your mind that allows you to be captivated by the beautiful canvas of sound that Hi-Fi Cali created.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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