“Melt Away” – Autumn Jeannette x Rey Dinero

When it comes to music, Autumn Jeannette does not mess around. After highlighting herself as a talented singer and songwriter in the group, WeRCharm, this Howard University grad decided to keep things going and embarked down her own path solo. By the summer of 2018, the world had her debut single, “I Miss You.” Fast forward to today and she’s not only on album number three, ‘Libra, Vol. 1: Sun & Moon Edition,’ but her latest from said release is giving us life – and that is “Melt Away.” 

There are so many songs out there about this and that, but we need more like “Melt Away.” Songs that encourage us to take a step back from the insanity that rotates around us daily, and make time for the good things in life from Hookah to a nice cocktail. Melt away and let those vices take the wheel for an hour or two because it’s often what we deserve. It’s just that we rarely have a reminder of that, right? 

Aside from the inspired moments, this song gives us to make “me time” a priority, the music is stunningly serving this mesmerizing blend of R&B and pop in a way that would make this the perfect record for everyone from Ariana Grande’s Arianators to those devoted to SZA. Plus, the addition of Rey Dinero’s verse in there takes it to another level in regards to a wider variety of music lovers out there adding this feverishly to their playlists. 

“Melt Away” is the latest from Autumn Jeannette’s, ‘‘Libra, Vol. 1: Sun & Moon Edition,’ and both are out now and available on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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