“Maybe Time” – Hawthorne Oachs

The reality of adolescence is that it always contains some of the hardest chapters in one’s life. Now, imagine spending a couple of those formative years pretty much in solitude during a global pandemic. Every new article that came out throughout 2020 made me think, what would I be doing if I was in middle school right now stuck in my hometown? I’m not sure the results would’ve been great, but I am sure that I would not have been able to create something as bold as “Maybe Time” by Hawthorne Oachs. 

Only 13-years-old, Hawthorne Oachs spent the past two years mentally in a place that many of us visited time and time again. The result of that is a song that captures the hopeless waves that crashed like waves against the depression and anxiety already fighting for first place in her mind. Hawthorne Oachs’ feelings, again, are not unique in that this song is a direct result of a shared trauma felt by more than we’d like to admit. While “Maybe Time” is a song spun from sadness, it’s also comforting to hear the honesty in which it’s delivered. Hawthorne Oachs doesn’t shy away from the cascade of emotions felt, making this a track that many are going to be able to feel on a personal level. 

“Maybe Time” is Hawthorne Oachs’ third single following “Hearts & Roses” and her 2021 debut, “My Lullaby.” Not even in high school and miles ahead of many twice her age, it’s time to take notice of this rising singer-songwriter. To hear all of the above, make sure to check out Hawthorne Oachs on all major music and streaming sites now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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