“Lovebites” – Kohla

Listening to “Lovebites” by Kohla is like you’re reading a lyrical diary of her post-breakup introspection. Kohla is just like all of us, when we see someone from our past that we were romantically involved with moving on, it can trigger emotions we didn’t think we felt before. “Lovebites” encapsulates the dichotomy of healing and heartache, and Kohla sprinkles poignant lines in between her pain like “In waterfalls, I will bathe ’til I’m Holy,” which can symbolize a spiritual quest for self-discovery. Kohla’s soft, timelessly soulful vocals blends with her with modern alternative pop beats, which channels influences from Feist to Phox to even Glass Animals. “Lovebites” beautifully delves into the emotional paradox of personal growth juxtaposed against the sting of loneliness. The revelation of its genesis adds a layer of authenticity, questioning the sincerity behind a seemingly happy ex. If you want to listen to a song that stands on its own vulnerability yet resiliency in a soft, pop-folk way, give “Lovebites” a spin!!

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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