“Love Turns Lonely” – Sophie Simmons

Whenever a song about a deteriorating relationship comes through I think, well – a heartfelt ballad – of course. Then artists like Ariana Grande, Halsey, and Los Angeles-based Sophie Simmons come through with electro-inspired pop hits about this very subject and blow us all away. Sophie Simmons’ latest, “Love Turns Lonely” does that and then some as she takes a relationship heading towards the exit sign and turns it into a pop banger. 

It’s been a minute since Sophie Simmons released something solo. She’s been busy elsewhere penning songs for others, but now that she’s back on her originals’ grind – the world can be a little at ease because “Love Turns Lonely” hits all the right spots as far as electropop songs go. Lyrically though, this song offers a warm embrace to any and everyone sitting in a relationship right now who is feeling like something is off with their partner. Many are going to be able to relate to what Sophie Simmons delivers with this one. 

Sophie Simmons has been dropping great tracks for some time now with fan favorites including “Mine” and “Shadows.” After taking a break from focusing on her own original material to write for others, she sat down with a few of her best friends and after the ideal writing situation played out, they ironically came up with a song about a less than ideal situation. To hear “Love Turns Lonely” and the rest of Sophie’s music, check her out now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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